Monday, June 02, 2008

Hang out with us in Covington before DukesFest

DukesFest is only a few weeks away, and BRBTV can't wait for that great, great time, especially since the fun is starting early, right there in the birthplace of "The Dukes of Hazzard" -- lovely Covington, Georgia!

Classic car owners, "Dukes" fans and friends alike, c'mon out to the Town Square in Covington on the Wednesday and Thursday before DukesFest, June 25 and 26, then on that Sunday after DukesFest, June 29, beginning at 6 p.m. each day. There you will see an array of fabulous cars, along with Tom Sarmento, lead mechanic for "The Dukes," and his Hazzard County Stunt Team. The Stunt Team has a wealth of information about "The Dukes" and about the stunt world in general! And two "Dukes" authors you know will be there: Jon Holland, who just released his book about the filming of the first five episodes of the show, "The Roads Back to Early Hazzard," and BRB herself, author of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!," a reference guide to the show. They'll both be signing copies of their books.

It's called the "Hazzard County Cruise-In," and it's sure to be a good time, leading up to (and after) your DukesFest experience! We're sure many folks'll be touring the original film sites in and around the Covington countryside that week, as well as dropping in on Dianne and Harold at A Touch of Country -- home of the fab "Dukes" museum -- so we're really looking forward to a whole blessed week of fun!

- And while we're talking "Dukes," another one of the stunt guys popped up on the radar: James August Smith, who worked on the 2005 flick and has done stunts at DukesFest over the years. Smith just appeared this past weekend at an event in Yakima, Washington, reports.

- And speaking of the 2005 movie ... We don't know too many fans out there who enjoyed it, for sure, and addresses that fact, naming it one of the worst movies made from a TV show.

- We've reported on this blog about John Schneider's new TV series on ABC Family. You can see the video promo for the series, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," and catch a nice glimpse of John-John, at the ABC Family site. The series premieres soon, July 1. Thanks to Renee at the All-John blog for the tipoff. We simply adore the fact that our fellow 1968-born redhead Molly Ringwald will also star, as well as Josie Bissett, whom we loved on "Melrose Place."

- Finally, to round out today's "Dukes"-themed post, read a couple fresh quotes from our own Rosco P. Coltrane at Southern Illinois', which talked with him after he threw out the first pitch at a baseball game there late last week.

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