Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gregory Itzin tries a "Float"

He appeared in the 1985 "Dallas" episode "Deeds and Misdeeds." He even crossed over as a lawyer to Valene Ewing in the sister show "Knots Landing" in 1989. On "Santa Barbara," he was attorney Howard Otis, the friend of Mason Capwell who asked him to settle the Peter Flint estate in 1985. Nowadays, though, he's better known as President Charles Logan on the action thriller "24." He's Gregory Itzin, and like so many of our BRBTV stars, he's had a wealth of other roles going for him over the years.

This year, though, he's got a couple new things going. One is "Float," a movie classified as in postproduction. Itzin portrays Ray Fulton, a 55-year-old owner of an ice cream shop, who "separates from his longtime wife and decides to move in with his two bachelor employees," the film's plotline says. The film is written and directed by Johnny Asuncion, who also takes on a role.

See Itzin in the trailer for "Float": ("It's all about the ice cream"!)

Itzin also appears in "Autopilot," as Dr. Brian. Written and directed by Alex Knudsen, the movie explores the story of a man released from a mental facility years after accidentally causing the death of his mother.

Itzin has blipped on the radar for being, as this site calls it, "Hannah-fied," having appeared on our pop culture's current flavor of the month, Disney's "Hannah Montana":

BRBTV News Blog Blip: This week we saw the passing of Mel Ferrer, known to us "Dallas" fans as Harrison Page, owner of The Store, where Pamela Ewing and Liz Craig worked. Read more about Ferrer and his career at The Hollywood Reporter.

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