Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Greg Rucka talks about his work on animated "Batman: Gotham Knight"

Greg Rucka has been part of our mythical Gotham City for some time, having written novels about the Caped Crusader and being no stranger to the comics scene, with numerous graphic novels on a variety of well-known characters to his credit. Rucka was tapped for writing duties on the new animated direct-to-DVD movie "Batman: Gotham Knight," releasing in July. He recently spoke about writing one of the segments in the movie, working with the animated guys and about the whole Batman thing in general; has the interview.

You can find out oodles more about Rucka at his official site.

Have you seen the MySpace page for the movie, by the way? Or the FaceBook page?

Also from Gotham City ... Benjamin Melniker, an active producer in just about any Bat-screen-project you can name, is considered No. 8 on the list of "Comicdom’s 25 Most Influential People in Film," according to Sophosmoros. He's executive-producing not only the aforementioned "Batman: Gotham Knight," but also "The Dark Knight" coming to theaters this summer.

AND ... Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, writers of our beloved "Batman: The Animated Series," have been working on a new series: Discovery Channel Canada's "Race to Mars." Read more and see the trailer at Wired Blog Network.


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Quick update: The name of the list has been changed to "The 25 Most Influential People in Comic Book Movies" and can be found at said...

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