Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jack Scalia stars in "Black Widow"

The hunky Jack Scalia, whom we know as Sue Ellen's mysterious guypal Nicholas Pearce on "Dallas," has a new project in the works, scheduled for release this year: "Black Widow."

Scalia plays the lead role of Sean, grabbing the prime real estate on the movie's official poster and other press materials. He's joined by Janine Turner, Rachel Hunter and Bill Smitrovich for the film, written and directed by Mark Roemmich. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film was scheduled to begin shooting in California this week.

The plot, from Noble House Entertainment Pictures: "Sean McMurphy, a wealthy entrepreneur, meets a very beautiful woman and a passionate love affair ignites, but soon it unfolds into a dark suspense/thriller where everyone around him gets seduced into her dark web of lies, torture and deceit."

BeyondHollywood.com speculates the Emmanuelle Vaugier of "Painkiller Jane" has the title role, and the Hollywood Reporter has her listed, too.

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