Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kate O'Mara: A woman of great importance to us, of course

My, my, my ... Caress Morell, what on earth have you been up to all this time? The brunette femme who gave Joan Collins' Alexis a run for her money on "Dynasty," Ms. Kata O'Mara, is back on our radar after years away.

She's in the U.K., where she was born, starring in "A Woman of No Importance." Edinburgh's Evening News has an interview with the longtime actress, who's done quite a bit of British television over the years, actually.

O'Mara reminisces that she accepted the part of Alexis' scheming novelist sister on "Dynasty" (a la Joan's real-life sis Jackie Collins, don'tcha know) for two reasons. "To put a boot up the arse of her career" and to earn enough to start her own theatre company. She does a lot of work behind the scenes, in this "second" career of hers.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Well, she certainly gets better ink than this these days, but Heather Locklear's appearance in one of those typical "who wears it better" fashion commentaries did warrant a mention, we felt. For this one, our "Dynasty" gal is up against Paula Abdul in the small matter of a Louis Vuitton bag. No contest, of course. See it at FashionPhile.com.

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