Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello again, Covington! Plus, a few "Santa Barbara" tidbits

Aaaahhhh ... Covington ... birthplace of "The Dukes of Hazzard." It treats us so well, each time we visit it ... Last night's Hazzard County Cruise-In on the historic town square in Covington, Georgia, brought mostly locals around, curious to see this "Dukes" goings-on, as many of the hard-core "Dukes" fans that are traveling from out of state are still, well, traveling from out of state! Like right now, as you read!

But the evening -- amid the sunny Southern heat closing all around and showing us just why Cooter liked to call this Hot-lanta -- was still most enjoyable, with plenty of fun and chatting. Take the two young gentlemen in the top photo, for instance, all gussied up as those Hazzard County lawmen we adored even though we didn't want to, Rosco and Enos -- or was it Rosco and Cletus?! They came in from New Jersey in a modern Hazzard County Sheriff's car that they said was actually pulled over for speeding by the (real) police! The constables warned the guys not to be wearing those uniforms in the vehicle, also. They are rather convincing, ya know?

The Hazzard County Stunt Team was there, and will return tonight, and then Sunday night after DukesFest, along with Jon Holland and BRB herself, signing their "Dukes" books. The sweet, smiling Judy Bruce, who was one of the kids in the orphanage in the pilot episode, "One Armed Bandits," was there, and BRB was delighted to chat with Mr. Wayne Wooten, and JETT and friends all the way from New York. The below display of "Dukes" goodies was from reps of John Schneider.

If you're one of those in town, c'mon out and visit with us awhile tonight, 6 to 10, then on Sunday, same hours! Grab a soda at A Touch of Country and check in with that fab "Dukes" museum in the back. And yes, bring that beautiful car and park it along the square!

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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In completely unrelated news ...

OK, we've got to run it now, because we plan on jamming this blog up all of next week with lotsa DukesFest coverage, and it's good enough not to keep until after that. A few items related to our beloved soap "Santa Barbara" surfaced on the Net in the past few days.

- Did you know that Dame Judith Anderson, the original Minx Lockridge, actually was a Santa Barbara girl? She lived there many years. See the explanation of that, along with a nice bio of her by the Santa Barbara Historical Society, in the Santa Barbara Independent:

- Oh, that Lane Davies, at that whole Shakespeare thing again. You just can't keep him away from the Bard. It's his "A Midsummer Night's Dream" set in the U.S. South again, at the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival, and Tennessee's Shelbyville Times-Gazette has more:

- And while we're roaming around in the Times-Gazette, here's another story about a "Santa Barbara" actor. This time it's Sam Dalton, who played a police officer from 1984-1986 and who is friends with Davies. Nowadays, he produces and writes for television. Read more at the paper:
And see more about Dalton at his site:

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