Monday, June 23, 2008

Seen on eBay

It's time once again for our occasional "Seen on eBay" feature here on the BRBTV News Blog, and we've got some fun stuff this time around, from a prop pair of earrings to a framed album jacket ...

Paper doll cutouts
After Six Collection 1980s tuxedo jacket (and please ... you gotta check out this guy's hair)
Faux gold earrings that were a prop for the show

500-piece jigsaw puzzle from 1980
Larry Hagman autographed card by Celebrity Cuts, one of four made
Framed LP album jacket of "Dallas" by Floyd Cramer

The Dukes of Hazzard
1980 lunchbox and thermos
T-shirt depicting the General Lee and Superman (really)
Steel watch

Santa Barbara
1992 Soap Opera Weekly issue featuring story on Forry Smith
Kim Zimmer 8" by 10" headshot
"White Oleander" DVD starring Robin Wright Penn

Coming later this week ... Coverage from Covington! Catch some photos and fun from our "Dukes of Hazzard" gathering in Covington this week, in anticipation of this weekend's DukesFest. And hey, if you're in town, catch us in person, in the evening on Wednesday and Thursday on the town square. See details at the Hazzard County Stunt Team site.

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